I'm happy now. my hard work and all my precious time thrown away is finally appreciated *cries*

so yeah thanx all the people who nominated me!
keep voting people!!!

Acting Camp

2007-08-10 16:23:16 by mellie-master

yes I'm going to acting Camp tomorrow so I won't be Active anywhere untill the 20th of August.
I hope that there's a hot girl that is not a Bitch/Slut/Emo of my age so I can get the hang of her *rawr*
anyway I've been there once before and it was quite alot of fun! and I hope it will be this time!
So I hope I'll have a good time.
Leave a comment or E-mail for me to read when I come back!
I'll take some pictures and they're DEFINATLEY going online...
well, maybe.
if my dad allowes me to lend the Digital Camera...
ANyway, Bai!

Block Braces

2007-08-09 05:54:42 by mellie-master

they fucking suck
I just got 'em.
well, at least the girl who did it was HOT!
but anyway, they hurt like hell and I just want to pull out all of my teeth with an hammer.
and I'm not allowed to eat sticky stuff.

Great game
absolutley a great game
I finished it in 27 Hours and 58 Minutes of non-stop playing.

yeah I just wanted to say that
altrough It's the end of the Megaman Battle Network Series, my Megaman addiction still remains!!!
so, whats your fastest time to finish a game?
Mine is 8 Hours and 2 minutes at Def Jam: Fight for NY
And 13 Hours in Super Mario World Attempting to Beat the world record of 11 Hours... but failed.

fucking n00bs

2007-08-07 13:14:57 by mellie-master

newgrounds isn't some place to post your first ever try on animating!
Top 12 of stuff that you should not have in your animation or game:
1. Bad Drawing
2. Crappy actionscripting
3. Crappy and very short animations
4. Animations that go waaay to fast
5. no backgrounds
6. 2 heads with moving mouths and no background
7. Worthless story/plot
8. no background music or sound effect
9. Wortless voice acting
10. anything Kitty-Krew/Sun Maffia/Sulate Squad/whatever related(Clock Crew is okay often)
11. Worthless voice acting
12. Stolen Material

If one or more of these top 12 is in your Animation or Game DO NOT I repeat DO NOT POST IT IN THE FLASH PORTAL!!!
If you want an good animation or game, be sure to have all the oppasite things of these top 12.

Runescape addicted people...

2007-08-07 11:54:48 by mellie-master

they're everywhere...
theyre all around us... trying to convert us!

or let them play WoW
WoW is a good game
other than runescape
okay seriously, whats fun about runescape? I hate it
I hate everyone that plays it
why don't people play real online games
Like WoW, maplestory, Ragnarok online, etc

BUT: runescape isn't the worst online game ever! no... not by a long shot
go to www.kingdomofloathing.com and shiver...
but most of all: HATE
kill them

how do you mean paranoia?

For more information about me hating runescape, click here to read my blog about it