fucking n00bs

2007-08-07 13:14:57 by mellie-master

newgrounds isn't some place to post your first ever try on animating!
Top 12 of stuff that you should not have in your animation or game:
1. Bad Drawing
2. Crappy actionscripting
3. Crappy and very short animations
4. Animations that go waaay to fast
5. no backgrounds
6. 2 heads with moving mouths and no background
7. Worthless story/plot
8. no background music or sound effect
9. Wortless voice acting
10. anything Kitty-Krew/Sun Maffia/Sulate Squad/whatever related(Clock Crew is okay often)
11. Worthless voice acting
12. Stolen Material

If one or more of these top 12 is in your Animation or Game DO NOT I repeat DO NOT POST IT IN THE FLASH PORTAL!!!
If you want an good animation or game, be sure to have all the oppasite things of these top 12.


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2009-07-29 19:59:00

9. Wortless voice acting
11. Worthless voice acting

Okay so the voice acting needs to not be worthless or wortless...wait what the heck does wortless mean?


2012-03-21 17:48:03

I think it's hilarious that I made this post and then proceeded to upload that Dutch Revolt flash last year.
The irony burns.